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Sailing ship Yeti

Yeti voltuig met waterzeil

The Yeti is a traditional Greek sailing ship, a so-called Kaïki. For centuries this type of ship sails across the Greek waters and even further into the Mediterranean Sea. In 1980 the Yeti was built according to this classic design.


Yeti voltuig met waterzeil

She stands 40 feet (12 meters) and provides places for 1 experienced schipper, who knows the area very well plus a maximum of 7 guests. The Yeti is gaff rigged - under full gear she carries 90m2 of sails - and is fully equipped for high-sea. This does not only include proper nautical equipment (such as a diesel engine, gps, echo sounder, compass, life-boat, life jackets etc.), but also anything that's needed for comfort and recreation of the passengers, like: bimini all over the deck, dinghy, surfboard, snorkels, flippers etc.


The Yeti has excellent sailing skills, pre-eminently suited for sailing the Aegean Sea.


Yeti voltuig met waterzeil Yeti voltuig met waterzeil

When it was built, holding on to the original characteristics of this type of ship had great priority. Therefore you will find no redundant luxury on board of the Yeti. And because of the traditional rigging there is enough to do for everyone while sailing. However, sailing skills are not required; the crew of the Yeti consists of experienced sailors, who know the area by heart. The characteristic S-frame shape of the Yeti provides great seaworthiness. And by her relatively shallow draught it is possible to call at the bays and small ports that are so typical for this area. For most other ships these ports are not accessible. The response of the local people at her sympathetic appearance also shows that the Yeti simply belongs in this area.


Yeti voltuig met waterzeil

Another characteristic of the ship is the large deck. During the ideal weather throughout the summer, being at the deck is much more comfortable than staying in a closed cabin. We also prefer to spend the night on the deck. There's enough space for everyone on deck and we have some beds inside as well.




Floorplan of the Yeti (inside)Floorplan of the Yeti (outside)







Inside is a small kitchen and a separate toilet. You can take a shower on deck with one of the two electrical showers or in some of the ports you visit for example in a hotel.

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YETI Sailing holidays, inexpensive sailing trip in Greece on a traditional Greek sailing ship from Kos, Kalymnos to different Greek islands